Educator Resources

The South Dakota CPA Society is the state’s professional association for certified public accountants with over 875 members in industry, government, education, and public practice. Accounting is one of the top professions available today and the Society has several opportunities for you and your students to learn more about our profession.

Start Here, Go Places

The interactive website allows students to see their life as a CPA as they build their ‘Future Me’. The site also includes career options, skills, requirements, real-life CPAs, as well as games and contests that feature the CPA profession and the many opportunities of the CPA as a career!

This Way to CPA

A website for upcoming and new CPAs to learn about the accounting profession including:

  • Scholarships
  • Salary and Demand
  • Industries and Specializations
  • The CPA exam

Local CPA Speakers

Members of our Society or accounting majors in colleges and universities are available as speakers for High School Career Days, or classroom visits. Whenever possible, CPAs from your local community will participate.

Click here to request a speaker or additional information from the Society.

Summer Accounting Institute

As you think of students that you consider outstanding and/or might have an interest in the accounting profession, USD has a summer camp that your student may find of interest. The camp will be held July 24-28 in Vermillion. The fee is $75. In addition 1 college credit will be earned. The Society will offer scholarships for any student who wishes to attend but is unable to pay the registration fee. For more information, visit The University of South Dakota Summer Accounting Institute.

Outstanding Accounting Student

The Society would like to present an award to the “Outstanding Accounting Student” in your high school. Your faculty would select the outstanding accounting student and submit the name to the Society by May 7th so that a certificate with that student’s name can be printed and sent to you along with a gift for presentation at your Awards Day. You may submit more than one student, however only one gift will be provided per school.

One of the goals of the profession is to increase financial literacy. Americans more than ever need training to help them cope with debt, saving, retirement planning and similar concerns. In our efforts to inform high school students of the many opportunities available in the accounting profession and about the importance of managing their finances, the Society offers several resources.

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy

The CPA profession has created an award winning website, 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy, that gives information and tools on managing finances. The website is designed to help with life stages from birth to death, including childhood, college, and career. The website has been expanded to help consumers understand their taxes at 360 Degrees of Taxes.