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Welcome to the Students' area. This area includes valuable information for students who are interested in the accounting profession, as well as a variety of resource materials for educators and member volunteers!

South Dakota Showcases

Showcase events are taking place at Universities across the state this Fall. Showcases are an opportunity for college students to explore the amazing companies and business careers available in South Dakota. Click here to view the Society informational brochure being distributed at the Showcases.

2020-2021 Scholarship Applications

This Way to CPA Website

The AICPA launched their new, virtual vault of accounting wisdom for aspiring CPAs,, allows you to see your life as a CPA as you build your ‘Future Me’. The site also includes career options, skills, requirements, real-life CPAs, as well as games and contests that feature the CPA profession and the many opportunities of the CPA as a career!

Curious about a CPA career?

These Web sites are full of information about the CPA and how to become one.

Exam Prep Resources