Advising Religious Organizations and Churches: A Holistic Approach to Tax and Compliance Issues (Webinar) (AROC-WEB)

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM in Webinar

8.00 CPE Credit Hours

Are you a CPA or financial professional serving churches or religious organizations? Check out this unique opportunity to learn from an industry expert at a live seminar webcast of the program Advising Religious Organizations and Churches: A Holistic Approach to Tax and Compliance Issues. This new seminar will help you keep up to date on challenging tax and compliance issues faced by those working with churches. Topics that will be covered include: 
Designed For
CPAs and other religious organization employees
Religious organizations and churches face a wide range of tax and compliance issues and often turn to CPAs as their primary source of guidance. The challenges faced by these organizations are multifaceted and often do not fit into isolated topical categories. This course is a comprehensive exploration of the many interrelated issues that are commonly encountered by CPAs advising religious organizations and churches.
  • Federal and state income tax exemption. 
  • State property, sales, and use tax exemptions. 
  • Organizational form choices. 
  • Employment law compliance. 
  • Housing allowances for clergy 
  • Employment tax issues. 
  • Workers’ compensation and unemployment. 
  • Expense reimbursement and fringe benefits. 
  • Form 1099, W-2, and 990 filing requirements. 
  • Compliance with charitable solicitation regulations. 
  • Charitable contribution substantiation requirements. 
  • Issues related to websites and internet presence. 
  • Restrictions on political activities. 
  • Implications of the Affordable Care Act.
Advanced Preparation
Iowa Society of CPAs
Charles Borek, AICPA
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